RHCDS – The Highest Red Hat Certification

Red Hat, an American multinational software company, provides open-source software solutions to the IT industry. Set up in 1993 by technology experts- Bob Young and Marc Ewing; this reputed company also offers certifications in various software courses (Linux-operated). The Red Hat certification has become a trademark in the modern software industry that guarantees lucrative job opportunities.


RHCDS (Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist) is the highest Red Hat Certification, which endows the certified professional with the skills to build and manage solutions for datacenter environments using Red Hat open-source features. To be an RHCDS, one needs to possess an RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) Certification and clear three exams. Thus, the aspirants are required to obtain training from a red hat training institute, which offers coaching for Red Hat Certification courses. GRRAS, having received the Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding contribution as Red Hat Certified Training Partner in North India; is the best Red Hat training institute, which has provision for online training in lieu of busy schedule of software professionals.

RHCE’s need to get through three performance-based exams, which are as follows-

EX401      Deployment, Virtualization, and Systems Management

EX436      Clustering and Storage Management

EX423      Directory Services and Authentication

(Or EX318   Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization)

Also, each exam costs nearly $600 with duration of 4 hours (for each exam). And once you seek admission in a red hat openstack administration online training institute, you get access to an examination guide and mock test papers for the same.

0students-picIn the present scenario, RHCDS is in great demand with a wide scope in the field of Networking, Deployment, Management, Directory Services and Authentication. RHCDS enjoy job satisfaction with salaries ranging between $75000 (+21) to $115000 (+5).  Top companies such as DELL, Epsilon Systems Solutions Inc, KROS-WISE, Virtustream etc. offer well-paid jobs to the RHCDS professionals. Though RHCDS Certification seems tough in the first instance but thorough training, one-pointed focus and your laborious efforts can make your dream to be an RHCDS, a reality!



Is Online Red Hat Certification worth Your Money and Time?

According to the recent survey, IT will ultimately lead to the replacement of people as workers. Despite the fact, you need a technical person to operate/ control the system. To operate any technological system, a person needs to be techno-savvy and should have the proper knowledge of using those IT systems. If it is not your cup of tea to use the systems in the approved manner then you might end up making some sorts of errors which might become very expensive for the firms.


Training no doubt makes you a specialist in a certain domain; even in the field of Linux, you require training courses. Whether you are familiar with it or not you are already making use of Linux every day. Every time you make proper utilization of Facebook, or Google, Flipchart or any other giant websites, you are communicating with Linux servers. Most automobile entertainment systems, airplane, and recent TVs also run on Linux.  It would not be wrong, if one is using an Android cell phone, then he/ she is using a flavor of Linux.

If you’re planning to start a career in Linux environment, you can apply for Red Hat certificate courses as it has been growing enormously over the years; numerous organizations are providing on-site training classes. Another channel where individuals may also join the classes for Red Hat Online Training Courses to demonstrate his/ her competencies.

A person who has Red Hat certification is considered better than who does not have. Recruiter and manager of any organization believe that professional with this certification is more efficient, experienced and their credibility is more. The employers, as well as coworkers of such a person, benefit a lot. If your work/routine does not permit you to join regular classes, you can sign up with GRRAS – one of the best institutes for red hat server hardening administration online training.


Glimpse of the benefits of Red Hat training:

  • Getting well-paid jobs in the Linux environment
  • Becoming socially acceptable across the world
  • Becoming a crucial part of the company.
  • Becoming more productive for both yourself and your company

Red Hat certification boosts your career and skills that are in accordance with current market demands; and help kick start your profession in the field of IT.

How to manage Storage Server?

Data Centers are expanding and improving day-by-day; and so are the needs for storage. These centers are getting slimmer and smarter and promise to offer better performance than ever. There are many low to high-cost proprietary solutions for flexible enterprise storage. One solution is to opt for traditional vendor-specific solution, which is one of the most costly storage solutions. Another option is – Red Hat storage server. It helps an enterprise manage huge, semi/un-structured data such as:

  1. Media (Audio, video and images)
  2. Back up data and archives
  3. Log files or other machine generated data, etc.

It also helps maintain the storage performance, capacity, and the availability to meet your enterprise storage requirements.


Features of The Red Hat storage-server:

  • It deploys storage based on software
  • There is no specific role of hardware for storage
  • It can be used for virtual server environment
  • Also, it can be used for both private or public cloud
  • It provides scale out model of software based storage

Red Hat Storage Server Administration covers:

  • Installing Red Hat Storage Server
  • Configuring Red Hat Storage Server
  • Creating and managing different volume
  • Studying about IP failover for NFS and CIFS using CTDB
  • Exploring geo-replication for disaster recovery
  • Practice unified file and object storage using Swift

Although many institutes offer in-depth training for Red Hat Certificate, the challenge is the availability & accessibility of labs since candidates are required to pass a practical performance-based lab test. This exam tests candidate’s competency on problem solving skills on live machines, like in a Red Hat Linux production setup. GRRAS Online training is one of the best Red Hat Storage Server Administration Online training centre that offers complete access to labs during the course for better practice and understanding.


Pre-requisites for this course

To opt for this course, it is essential for candidates to have Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification or an equivalent level of knowledge. In case you do not have RHCSA certification, you can sit for an online skills assessment to confirm your understanding of storage solution.

Red Hat Storage Server Administration certification is an easy solution for entry-level Linux administrators, who want to have Red hat certification added to their CV; and also for senior system & storage administrators, who are interested in deploying storage on off-the-shelf hardware and in the cloud.



Do you end up feeling bored and stagnated while sitting in your office chair? Is there nothing new that you can add to your current job function? Have you started losing interest in your job profile? If yes is your answer to these questions, then congratulations!


It is time for you to upgrade your knowledge and skills and attain newer heights in your career. Being in the field of Information technology you need to update yourself frequently. The reason for the same is that the world of software constantly witnesses newer development and the ones launched two three years back get obsolete within a short time span.

Therefore, to keep up the pace with the technology culture, you too need to pull your socks up. Red Hat training courses will be your saviour in the ocean of technology. By joining one you will get ample exposure to newer Operating Systems and System administration procedures.

If you are a working professional then going for a regular classroom program will not be feasible. Considering the tight work schedules, you can look out for Red Hat online training courses that you can easily manage with your office.


Before joining any institute that conducts online Training, be sure to attain all the information about the same. Check for the authenticity of the institute and the student feedback. One of the most trusted and renowned name in field of online training is GRRAS Online Training. It is one of the reputed names in RHCSA openstack online training. You can join it without worrying much.

Do remember, that a Red Hat certificate will add value to your resume in a way beyond imagination. Once certified, your knowledge will increase manifold and the same will be reflected in your pay as well. This will also further ensure better opportunities to enhance your career graph.