How to manage Storage Server?

Data Centers are expanding and improving day-by-day; and so are the needs for storage. These centers are getting slimmer and smarter and promise to offer better performance than ever. There are many low to high-cost proprietary solutions for flexible enterprise storage. One solution is to opt for traditional vendor-specific solution, which is one of the most costly storage solutions. Another option is – Red Hat storage server. It helps an enterprise manage huge, semi/un-structured data such as:

  1. Media (Audio, video and images)
  2. Back up data and archives
  3. Log files or other machine generated data, etc.

It also helps maintain the storage performance, capacity, and the availability to meet your enterprise storage requirements.


Features of The Red Hat storage-server:

  • It deploys storage based on software
  • There is no specific role of hardware for storage
  • It can be used for virtual server environment
  • Also, it can be used for both private or public cloud
  • It provides scale out model of software based storage

Red Hat Storage Server Administration covers:

  • Installing Red Hat Storage Server
  • Configuring Red Hat Storage Server
  • Creating and managing different volume
  • Studying about IP failover for NFS and CIFS using CTDB
  • Exploring geo-replication for disaster recovery
  • Practice unified file and object storage using Swift

Although many institutes offer in-depth training for Red Hat Certificate, the challenge is the availability & accessibility of labs since candidates are required to pass a practical performance-based lab test. This exam tests candidate’s competency on problem solving skills on live machines, like in a Red Hat Linux production setup. GRRAS Online training is one of the best Red Hat Storage Server Administration Online training centre that offers complete access to labs during the course for better practice and understanding.


Pre-requisites for this course

To opt for this course, it is essential for candidates to have Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification or an equivalent level of knowledge. In case you do not have RHCSA certification, you can sit for an online skills assessment to confirm your understanding of storage solution.

Red Hat Storage Server Administration certification is an easy solution for entry-level Linux administrators, who want to have Red hat certification added to their CV; and also for senior system & storage administrators, who are interested in deploying storage on off-the-shelf hardware and in the cloud.



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